John wrote on google+:

>It's been an interesting and stressful year for me. I'm struggling to do some more practical things for the health of our planet. I believe global warming is a serious problem and we're facing a mass extinction event. I can't just sit around. But my love for the beauty of pure math and theoretical physics keeps pulling me back to the things I used to think about. I feel torn and frustrated.


>I'd need to get better at working with folks in the Azimuth Project, and pull more experts into it. And most of all: I'd need to think harder about climate science and the art of prediction, and come up with some new ideas.

I feel also very alerted about the state of this earth and I had seen Azimuth as a place for getting an oversight about the state of climate science and
also to get better equipped for discussions about climate science. Unfortunately it turned out that upon looking into the matter a little bit more in depth things got
rather less clear than clearer. In particular it is not that I now feel better about the state of the earth after seeing how people deal with a lot of issues,
but rather that the contrary is true. My view of climate /environmental science had turned quite a bit and not necessarily to the better.
And it currently doesn't look to me that coming up with a couple of "new ideas" is sufficient.

Like John I feel equally torn about the typical Azimuth topics, that is those climate science and other environmental topics are rather something I would prefer not to need to deal too much with and given the partially rather depressing insights one gets here at Azimuth I feel not only torn but also more pessimistic. It is also that
unlike John I do these things in my ("extended") "free time". I have now spend quite some time with the project and I currently don't think that I can afford much more
engagement. That is I currently plan
to rather reduce my activity here than to enlarge it. I just wanted to let you know about that in case you counted on more intricate contributions from
my side.