I have once again begun studying the fundamentals of semantic ontology and category/classification theory, and am again considering the once-seemingly explosive thesis that it is possible to build the entire semantic structure of classification and all cognitive processes in terms of ONE extremely simple algebraic primitive element -- that element being the concept of "distinction" -- probably understood as a "cut" -- as per the concept of "Dedekind Cut". Years ago, after a ton of work on these ideas, I became persuaded that the entire structure of taxonomy, for example, can be mapped in terms of dimensions, and that all the dimensions in this structure were composed of "distinctions". So, this led to the wild and intriguing doctrine that the entire structure of cognition takes the form of "a cut on a cut on a cut on a cut on a cut" (ie, descending levels of specificity in a cascade like a taxonomy). It feels like I am going to push this hard for a little while, so I might stick my deep confusions or accelerating enthusiasm into this framework. Thanks John, thanks all.