I am currently looking for solar irradiance measurements done with satellites. I sofar found only the sorce mission and something called acrimsat.
I found no diagrams or visualizations for acrim/acrimsat (at least not within a decent time).

I remember that especially russian scientists had traditionally kept an eye on the sun
and likewise had partially different views on global climate developments so I also tried to find links to missions on the russian irradiance website but found no links.

As you know from the methane discussion I am especially interested in UV measurements. Unfortunately it seems first that sorce doesn't cover all ranges but secondly that it had a major breakdown lately especially in the higher UV range. (<100nm) This is somewhat disconcerting since it looks as if irradiation is on average on the rise since 2003 while there seem to be big differences between different spectral lines. Compare e.g. the time series (found no perma link) 1499.65nm and 115.5nm and 698.85nm.