Hi everyone, I'm Cam. My interest in category theory comes from my profession, which is programming. Several people who I believe to be smart and trustworthy have told me that learning some category theory might be helpful. I'll set a goal here of being able to understand the Yoneda by course end, those in the know can let me know if that's a reasonable goal.

I tried reading Conceptual Mathematics: A First Introduction to Categories by Lawvere and Schaunel about a year ago and, while I found the "flight of a bird as a map from time to space" diagram to be very charming, I was ultimately unable to really understand the text. I'm hopeful that this course and forum will be able to guide me (and others!) through Seven Sketches.

I live and work in Brooklyn, where I spend as much of my time as possible seeing live music and drinking with friends. I studied architecture (as in buildings, not software) in undergrad, and it is probably the subject I enjoy talking about the most. If you have an interest, let's talk bricks!

My only other active side project is a visual demo of sorts for the Raft consensus algorithm using a few raspberry pis and some LED matrices to represent state. I just finished up the LED control code in Python and am moving on to Raft itself now. I'm on the fence for language choice, but may give Elixir a go.

Thank you for hosting the course John! Excited to give category theory another crack.