A thread for general comments or suggestions on my [series of picture posts](http://www.azimuthproject.org/azimuth/show/Pete+Morcos) for [John's](https://forum.azimuthproject.org/profile/17/John%20Baez) 2018 Applied category theory [course](http://www.azimuthproject.org/azimuth/show/Applied+Category+Theory).

Some feedback I'd particularly welcome:

+ **Errors.** I made various mistakes while putting these together. I think everything's correct now, but please let me know of any false statements.
+ **Use of images.** I tried to size the images and the fonts so that it would look roughly the same as a post on the forums. Since images are totally inflexible, some problems may arise. Is the font size large enough to read clearly? Are the images unpleasant to use, e.g. on mobile? Is being locked into the white background I chose really irritating?
+ **Narrowness.** All my intuition on this material so far comes from finite sets. If the things I say are incomplete, misleading, or incorrect in the wider world of orders, I appreciate being corrected. Similarly, much of the stuff I wrote may only be true for posets, not preorders, which again may mean that my focus was in the wrong places.

It's a hassle to update the images, but I do want to fix any problems if possible.