"Category" is a pretty common word in everyday language. For example:

1. On the left side of this forum we see the grouping "Categories" which subsume various hyperlinked items such as "All Categories", "Applied Category Theory Course", "Applied Category Theory Exercise", etc.
2. In English dictionaries, we see examples like "the various _categories_ of research" (Oxford), "taxpayers fall into one of several _categories_" (Merriam-Webster), "I wouldn't put this book in the same _category_ as the author's first novel" (Wiktionary), etc.
3. In other disciplines (less everyday), such as [Aristotle's categories](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Categories_(Aristotle)) in philosophy, [grammatical categories](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grammatical_category) in linguistics, etc.

I wondered if such non-mathematical uses of "category" could be given some category-theoretic modeling. Considering we already have a category **Cat** for all categories, might there also a category for all uses of the word "category"? Or is it simply part of **Cat**?

I'm guessing such a modeling, if possible, wouldn't involve too much technical complication - perhaps just _sets_ - but it'd be interesting to have a CT perspective to the issue. :-)