Hi! My name is Philip Zucker. I'm a software programmer, with interest in functional programming (in particular Haskell). I graduated with a PhD in physics in 2017 on the quantum hall effect, which I learned Haskell to help me understand some aspects of the theory behind it.

I've been trying to apply category theory to a couple topics:

Building a library / example elegantly embedding anyon vector spaces in Haskell -

Automatic differentiation - http://www.philipzucker.com/reverse-mode-differentiation-is-kind-of-like-a-lens-ii/

Conal Elliot's compiling to categories - http://www.philipzucker.com/compiling-to-categories-3-a-bit-cuter/

Also I've recently been tinkering with some ideas about how to do something "category"eque with convex programming. Definitely be interested if you've got any tips/ references.