I am a freelance software engineer in Malaysia. The time I first heard Category Theory was when I was in a discussion with a fellow software engineer when we discussed functional programming. Then I was told about this web page adit.io/posts/2013-04-17-functors,_applicatives,_and_monads_in_pictures.html and later found Option type in Rust is actually an implementation to this.

I then try to learn Category theory but couldn't find one that suits my current level of understanding, they are either overly leaned towards software engineering side which put the emphasis on software engineer terms (applying them in a language I am not familiar with is another problem), or there are simply too much abstract mathematics theories involved.

Then I came across this series of talk/seminar/workshop


and found the 7sketches course. I find it beginner-friendly enough and went through the whole course, but as the course progresses I get more confused @.@

After finding time to finish following the lectures posted on Youtube (with the companion text), I still find myself having problems connecting the ideas presented throughout the course. Then I found the new reincarnation of the course introduced this year, where they teach programming in Haskell while applying Category Theory to it. So far this feels like a more beginner-friendly course, can't tell if this is just because of repetition and forcing myself to immerse into the subject by the exposure to materials in Category.

Not sure what can I contribute back to the community, being a total newbie in a lot of things. I have a github account: Jeffrey04 and maintain a blog for random work notes, I guess I figure out as time progresses.

Thanks for having me.