Cameron wrote:

> With respect to the discussion regarding references above, I've found what I think is quite a convenient way for dealing with references on WordPress using a plugin called [KCite]( that allows you to do something like this: `[cite]10.1038/461472a[/cite]`. There you just have to put the [doi]( between the WordPress cite [shortcode]( [This is an example]( of what the references look like. What I think is most appealing about it is that it automatically generates a doi link of the form _ that is essentially guaranteed, as much as anything on Earth can be, not to break and includes it with the reference. Perhaps a downside to it is that these doi links usually resolve to journal websites containing content that you have to pay for if you're not on a university network or your university doesn't have the right subscription. I realize the ideal here is to provide a free link, but usually a title and/or DOI link would be enough for someone to find any existing free links via google (such as an author's provision of reprints on their personal website). This could be explained on a general info page on the blog or wiki and linked to from posts that are reference heavy. Just an idea...I really love dealing in doi and arXiv links; although, I guess I might learn to hate the doi flavor outside a uni net.

I try to provide one-click service when referring to papers on the wiki and the blog. For the wiki, the convention is here:

[How to: References](How+to#References)

For articles, something like this ideal:

`* E. Rignot, _et al._, [Recent Antarctic ice mass loss from radar interferometry and regional climate modelling](, _[Nature Geoscience]( **1** (2008), 106–110.`

The first link provides a free copy but is a bit unstable, the second links to the journal, so it's not free but it's more stable. If anyone wants to use DOI link as the second link, that's fine. If anyone is to busy to create _both_ links, they can just create _one_ and someone can come along later and create the other.

If you want to explain stuff about creating DOI links on the wiki, this page would probably be the place.

As for plugins: I have a cheap (basically free) Wordpress blog that does not allow plugins. Sometime, when there are enough features I want but can't get, I'll break down and pay for one that does. Or if someone else wants 'em so bad they're willing to chip in, if not with money, at least with work getting the damned things to work. For me the main problem is not limited money, but rather limited patience for messing around with software.