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Derrick Lin



  • I would suggest Zulip, if Gitter doesn't work out. It has LaTeX support, desktop apps, etc.
  • John: Hmm.. I only see upwards-pointing arrows for the middle, vertically aligned arrows. The ones at 45 degree angles are undirected. I wonder why that is? I just checked -- in my browser, they do all have arrows! I guess something's wrong with my…
  • In Figure 1.2 (the first Hasse diagram), there are undirected edges. Are these supposed to all be arrow-ed upwards? If not, can someone explain?
  • John, if you "prefer to tackle these questions of "lossy observation" and "generative effects" a bit later", should we skip straight to the poset part? I was able to follow everything up to 1.1.2 and do the exercises, but felt rather unclear about w…
  • Wow, Bob Harper! I took a shot at reading PFPL a few years ago, and had a rough but worthwhile time. Thanks!
  • I'm also interested in ML and Go; am a reasonably strong amateur (hovering around 1d, with pretty large swings in strength). What's this feature documentary?