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Ilmu Kalm


Ilmu Kalm
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  • No I have not, I hadn't heard of them and when I started looking into it I was pretty excited but then I saw that they are only very short courses or even just meetups giving some of the few who have managed to get a good education in a poor country…
  • I'm still not caught up so I don't have useful additions to the discussion I just had a fun idea when I read #87. You had trouble finding philosophical right adjoints of the same kind as "better safe than sorry" which, for example, was a left adjoi…
  • Artur #18 I would be the counter-example because I prefer the forum this way. Voting on posts detracts a lot from the quality of discussion in my opinion since people start being too self aware. Regarding whether the forum is totally ordered on pa…
  • Dan #8 you are right, for Hasse diagrams at least this property always holds. Where the book talks about generative effects (1.1.) it also says this holds for any C but I don't know if there is some other context where the Join fails to keep (A ∨ B)…
  • Another example of a preorder: Poses your body can assume ordered by how far you center of gravity is from the ground.
  • Hi guys, so I just finished reading this thread, moving on to the other ones and getting started on participating in this amazing project. BTW: I am quite happy with this plan of trying to finish the course by the time school starts in the northern …