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Jason Grossman


Jason Grossman
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  • I suggest having deadlines for more-or-less (no need to be strict that I can see) finishing each chapter. John, I know you're playing this by ear (which is great IMO), but maybe you could make up the deadlines as we go along, a chapter at a time?
  • Dan Schmidt entered LaTeX above using the following delimiters - both the backslashes and the brackets seem to be necessary: \\( \\) That works for me too, without a wait. E.g., \\(E = mc^2\\) yields \(E = mc^2\). Is anyone NOT seeing this ren…
  • Chapter 1, page 2: One might call these surprised {\it generative effects}. Should be: One might call these surprises {\it generative effects}. page 5: A ≤ B in the poset if seems to be a grammatical whoopsie. Also, ``poset'' hasn't been de…
  • Thanks, John, and thanks very much for running this course. In my day, Martin Hyland wasn't teaching undergraduates and Peter Johnstone was only teaching ordinary maths (!), plus an excellent course on set theory. What's interesting about that is …