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Kyle Cormier


Kyle Cormier
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  • Cool! Aleph was the 'generation' after the discovery of the Z but I wonder if it was already in planning at the time. If you're interested in visiting again I'd wager we could arrange for a colloquium talk on applied category theory or whatever else…
  • I'm not sure if I've managed to actually work any of the insights into my writing but I found Steven Pinker's "The Sense of Style" to be an interesting read (though not aimed at mathematical writing directly). Its also something I wish we'd spend a…
  • Thanks for the kind welcome John. I certainly can't keep up with all the most cutting edge theory advances going on to the degree I'd like to, but hopefully this will be one more way for me to understand. The fact that categories seem to be both so …
  • John, I'm very happy to at least make some contribution (even if only very small) to this very nice initiative you've set underway! (By the way, it looks like an extra f( ) has crept in surrounding x' at the end of the first typo line I mentioned ab…
  • Hi John. A couple of small typos: $$ x \sim_{f^{\ast}(P \wedge Q)} x' \textrm{ if and only if } x \sim_{ f^{\ast}(P)} x' \textrm{ and } x_{f^{\ast}(Q) } x'. $$ should be: $$ x \sim_{f^{\ast}(P \wedge Q)} x' \textrm{ if and only if } x \sim_{ f^{…