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Jim Stuttard


Jim Stuttard
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  • I didn't know it's legitimate to define (1-2) as |-1| on the naturals.
  • Andrew Ng cites cites the California ML paper you referred to: in his excellent 'The Batch':
  • Andrew Ng regularly emails interesting ML news. Prelude to a Quake? Geologists call them slow slips: deep, low-frequency earthquakes that can last a month but have little effect on the surface. A model trained to predict such events could help w…
  • I had a brief look at reported landslides and had another of my unrealisable fantasy projects of automatic scanning for vulnerable communities using the google earth 3D api.
  • Tnx. I saw the Nat. Geog. April report. Hopefully they'll be able to produce a global catalogue so people in developing countries will be able to get landslide warnings but that won't occur until they've got the sensor networks.
  • Interesting reading :)
  • Just wow! Heading for the denoument I'm looking forward to trying to explain this in a suitable pop version for my ecomath mates. :)
  • I wonder if the 3-4x frequency modulation of the IOD relative to ENSO might be related to some sort of "shudder" due to the various chokepoints around the straights of Malacca which iirc were adduced as contributing the slowdown of the increased SST…
  • Thanks for the detailed answers. This will keep me busy! I've not kept up with CAD since 1991 when I worked in an AEC language called Eagle. Re your 2005 observation: NPL accepted the original paper so an update to their model must fit their T&…
  • I naively jumped to the idea of overlaying simulation of flows using some CSG model as constraints. I had to look up what fluid geometry is. I've heard of Kahler manifolds but not Monge-Ampere equations so I think I should learn something about them…
  • This is a great, never-ending detective story where there are always new suspects for you to nail :) Perhaps a letter(s) to PRL might help raise the profile of your model? I'm suffering from the paradox of choice as to what's the best open source to…
  • @Keith - great paper, esp. p19. I'd add cup can be seen as creation and cap as annihilation which I don't think is in there.
  • I got up to chapter 3 of the book. Since then I've just tried to work through the daily forum posts as I doubted I'd ever catch up otherwise. I've also bookmarked all the papers people have linked to and am slowly reading them. Thanks to @Matthew I'…
  • @John I use (the sadly late) Paul Hudak's Euterpea. Paul's original paper is worth reading. Outputs include Lilliput scores and midi devices. I don't know what soft synth windoze folks use. I use Fluidsynth which is linux/mac. Trying to link to the…
  • @Robert Thanks for the explanation. I've never had a problem because I've only ever used them or wanted to use them for anything other than simple data search or update. I'm not surprised that modifying them without recompilation causes problems.
  • @Matthew I don't always do it but you can use html strikethrough to keep the edited narrative structure. hth.
  • Simon Wren-Lewis deals with real political economy in his wonderful macroeconomics blog. His work developing a UK Treasury DSGE model with a consistent core and "empirical" completions is fascinating.
  • @John Re #40 Sorry I didn't follow the "specify what the whatsit is" rule. I've edited the post to try to correct it . Despite the page numbers in my notes I didn't note any link to the source and can't find it. I thought it was an interesting thing…
  • JS3 I found this puzzle in some old notes on a paper by Joseph Goguen. There is a unique choice of C (any category) for which the Yoneda embedding: [ \mathcal{C} \to \mathbf{Set}^{\mathcal{C}^{\text{op}}} ] has a string of four left adjoints. W…
  • Hi, you might enjoy talking to [[Michael Hong]] who's a metabolic disease consultant.
  • I found, amongst many others, an interesting idea in Eugenia Cheng's video on Categories in Life. You'll have to watch it to get the idea but the best I can say is that she describes gender and racial prejudice as a cube diagram; then pulls down one…
  • I've thought it might be useful and interesting to apply Vitali, Glassfelder and Battison's The network of corporate control (2011) analysis techniques to eg. the fossil fuel business for boycott, sanction and divestment campaigns.
  • I don't think they mentioned Italy in the abstract but now I recognised that there was a piece in Nature in the wake of the fortunately unsuccessful attempted prosecution of seismologists.
  • That seems promising, pity it's paywalled. It would be intepreting to see their data.
  • Thanks for the link which exposes my problem: A lattice element y is said to cover another element x, if y > x, but there does not exist a z such that y > z > x. Here, y > x means x ≤ y and x ≠ y.
  • WIP $$(v + w) + u \le (x + v) + z$$ $$(v + w) + u \le y + z$$ $$t + u \le y + z$$
  • Question. In Rau's paper page 11 they write: Clearly, the conventional linear order > on T = R ∪ {−∞} makes perfect sense tropically. Furthermore, we can express it in terms of tropical addition: we have a ≥ b if and only if “a + b” = b. …
  • @Amar I think it's v. improb. that somebody who joins the Azimuth and has code to post will trash the azimuth-project repo. I'd be very happy if somebody pushed their own commits to improve my toy code. I've got your back covered so don't demote you…
  • @nad Sorry to send you up the garden of the forking paths* ACT = Applied Category theory. Schneider's work is interesting, isn't it? (Borgesian p-value fishing)